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So Sad Didn’t Do #DellLive or Jazz Fest

So Sad Didn’t Do #DellLive or Jazz Fest
2012/05/11 Better Blueprint

Music festival season is upon us and the only thing that kept me from heading to NOLA for this year's Jazz Fest was styling commitments on the East coast. Lucky for me, the peeps at Dell live streamed both weekends via YouTube! Shout out to the BuzzMG crew, who knew I loved Janelle Monae and gave me the heads up about her live stream performance.

Hopefully scheduling conflicts won't keep me from enjoying the rest of the festivals this summer, but if they do, Dell and YouTube are keeping the party going with live streams of BonnarooLollapalooza and Austin City Limits (ACL). Through Dell’s technology and YouTube’s global reach, music lovers like me get to experience a unique connection to music’s biggest stars through multiple live channels, behind-the-scenes content and exclusive artist interviews.

I also heard that Dell took the Jazz Fest fun off-site with a cute little pop up at NOLA's Fair Grinds Coffee House {cool coffee spot ~ love the shabby chic decor}! If you make it to Bonnaroo, Lolla or ACL, make checking out the Dell Lounge pop up and playing with an XPS 13 (sleek and lightweight Ultrabook that I'm dying to try as my current laptop is the size and weight of a Cadillac) a priority and report back!