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Sizzling Summer Style Q&A: Turban Living

Sizzling Summer Style Q&A: Turban Living
2011/05/17 Maya H.

Question from Eden: Where do I find some fashionable turbans?!

Answer: Eden shot us an excellent question for this spring and summer to spice up our hairstyles for a complete head-to-toe look. When considering hairstyles, most people tend to fall under the category of sticking to barrettes, headbands or simply letting their hair fall naturally. Eden wanted to rock it out with the confident flair of turbans!  They are a stylish and versatile alternative to hats, they prevent fly-aways from the breezy weather, and give you an overall boho-chic vibe.

To start sporting the trend now, follow the links below to find a few fab alternatives from thin to thick and solid to patterned; you will surely spot one (or more!) to match your hair and personality. Let us know which is your favorite - and don’t forget to experiment with how you wear it!


  1. Jennifer Behr Washed Silk Stretch Turban in Orange and Blush
  2. Jennifer Behr Suede Knotted Turban in Taupe
  3. Eugenia Kim Chiara Jersey Turban Headband in Grey and Black


  1. Jennifer Behr Animal Print Silk Turban in Slate
  2. Anthropologie Pagadi Turban Headwrap in Black and White and Ivory Floral
  3. Urban Outfitters Pleated Turban in Multi and Black

Image via My Heartistry