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Sick of Social Media? Not Pinterest

Sick of Social Media? Not Pinterest
2012/10/06 Better Blueprint

On just about any day, I'm in a love-hate relationship with social media. FaceBook. Twitter. Foursquare. Tout. YouTube. LinkedIn. Tumblr. Pinterest.

There are more but for the sake of argument (and space), let that list suffice.

I do love is Pinterest. It's social media, yes. However, it's a direct link to inspiration for anything from decorating to cooking to being fashionable to fixing a car to doing your hair to being fit.

If you try it once, you'll be addicted. It's now the third-most-popular social network in the world. It's creeping up on Facebook with 11+ million users.

Blueprint for Style has several fun Pinterest boards where you'll find looks at everything from everyday style to dapper dons to rocking home decor to beautiful bodies.

Follow us and join the craze {or at least check it out} here.....