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Monday Morning Power List

Monday Morning Power List
2010/05/10 Maya H.

A week’s worth of fashion, faux pas, follies, fabulousity, finds, forgetables, regretables, and the like…

  1. Colors: throw a splash into the mix with your standard, funeral-black uniform for the fastest transition from winter to spring!
  2. Runway to Walkway: oohh, I saw bright plaids mixed with a dark-colored print!  Sometimes the transition from runway to walkway isn't so smooth...perhaps mixing texture or a single print is a more appropriate baby step in the right direction....
  3. Style Icons: Lena Horne, Jackie O, Dianne Carroll, Coco Chanel, Mahogany, Audrey Hepburn....they are very helpful to see how you want to be, and what not to look like

See.  Do.  Be.  Stylish.