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Mommy Chic on the Go!

Mommy Chic on the Go!
2011/03/16 Maya H.

When you have little ones, you barely have time to put on clean clothes and throw your hair into a ponytail before running out the door and multi-tasking your day away. Looking stylish and chic moves further down the priority list once motherhood comes along–but it doesn't have to!

Here is how-to look mommy chic with just 5 items....

  1. Fabulous flats–Flats are essentials for running around after small children all day. Yes, you love your heels and they make you feel sexy, but moms need practical footwear... From ballet flats to boots, flats are fun. They come in every color in the rainbow and have all kinds of embellishments to release your inner fashionista.
  2. A large, carry all handbag–You don't have to use a diaper bag just because you're a mom! Choose a handbag that is large enough to fit everything you need for the day, but has compartments so that you can keep everything organized. This is an item you can splurge on because you'll use it everyday (as a mom, you don't have time to switch bags all the time.)

    Angelina Jolie accessories with Valentino bag Photo:

    Note: There are many cute options for diaper bags, and sometimes with infants it is easier to have a diaper bag to keep bottles.

  3. Stylish jeans that fit properly–No muffin tops here!  Proper fit is essential so the style of jean will vary depending on your body type, but a dark denim wash always looks chic.  A little stretch goes a long way–providing comfort and a gorgeous silhouette so you can be proud of your "mom-bod."
  4. fitted t-shirt or white button down–Depending on your day to day activities, you may need something a little more dressed up than a t-shirt, so opt for a fitted button-down (colorful shirts will spice up your ensemble, but white is always a great go-to).  Starting with great basics (undergarments, and then a simple t-shirt or tank top) allows you to add layers without much effort such as a cardigan or a light jacket as you're running out the door.
  5. A fitted blazer– choose tailored items instead of baggy ones that will just add pounds to your look.  Looks great with just about anything– jeans, trousers, skirts and dresses.  Throw it on over a simple t-shirt with a pair of jeans and you're ready to go!

Organizing your closet and knowing what you have to work with is essential.  Try laying out what you'll wear every day for a week on Sunday evenings and see if it helps your mornings go a little more smoothly.  Also, accessories can help dress up your normal t-shirt and jeans style and take your "mom style" up a notch. Good luck, chic mommies!