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Laptop Love!!

Laptop Love!!
2010/05/18 Maya H.

So, I was meeting with a fellow travel blogger (aka "coffee connection") and she was sporting this absolutely fabulous laptop sleeve - I looked at her and without any shame, said, "That's hot!  I want one!"  I made my inquiries and three days later, I had a fast-n-furious email exchange with the owner of Kena Kai, Nelleke.  We talked small business, hiccups and the likes; and I thought she was fabulous and so were her products!

Done!!  I've spent the last two weeks toting around my laptop in it's new sleeve and have garnered quite a bit of buzz -- it turns the mundane into something a little more special.

I am now sharing with you my newest piece of laptop love that comes in gold embossed lizard print, or orange/blue/brown embossed ostrich!  Nelleke owns Kena Kai along with her husband and loves what she does because on most days, she, unlike the rest of us, gets to sport jeans!!

When they got their first customer, the thought that popped into their heads was, "Yay!  Here we go...." and it's been a labor of love for this Cali-based design boutique ever since to continue to get their name out there!!  Click on the links or click the pic to scoop yours!

Note: 10% of every purchase goes to a worthwhile charitable you can give your laptop some love and help others too!!  WOW!!