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John Varvatos: 10 Years in the Making

John Varvatos: 10 Years in the Making
2010/12/03 Maya H.

We at Blueprint for Style  love John Varvatos and so should every businessman because he has single-handedly introduced rock-and-roll edge to everyday items.

Raised in Allen Park, Michigan, the second of five siblings, John’s early obsession was music.  In tenth grade, he only acquired a job in a men’s store to earn extra money. “I came in wearing bell bottoms and this skinny navy sweater with a red star on it, and this girl I was interested in complimented it. I don’t remember what we were studying, but I remember that moment: realizing girls acknowledged me more when I wore nice clothes.”

He started his design career at Polo Ralph Lauren in 1983 and then went to oversee menswear at Calvin Klein before returning to Ralph Lauren.  Five years along, he started his own line.  However, it was while at Calvin Klein that he got “Marky” Mark Wahlberg to model a pair of cut off long johns and the “boxer brief” was born.

He has since inked a partnership with Converse thus, the famous laceless sneakers that most of you likely own (or should).

Meanwhile, John just completed his twenty first collection in Milan and all we know is that whatever clothes he designs, they will “…never shout…instead [speak] in a raspy bourbon-soaked whisper.”  The translation: whatever you pair with John Varvatos, the ladies will notice you!