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If The Glove Fits….

If The Glove Fits….
2010/12/02 Maya H.

And it will if you head to LaCrasia Custom Gloves.  This is easy: (1) head to the website to understand how to properly measure your hand and forearm depending on the type of glove; (2) decide on your ideal style whether dainty, edgy, chic or functional; and (3) you're done.

I have several pair from Sermoneta and have yet to try out LaCrasia, but it's getting rave reviews so look at my hand next time as I may be sporting a new pair of custom gloves!!

Here are the deets: LaCrasia Gloves ♦ 1181 Broadway, 8th floor ♦ New York, NY 10001 ♦  212-803-1600