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If Someone Gave Me $1,000 for Fall Fashions, I’d Get….

If Someone Gave Me $1,000 for Fall Fashions, I’d Get….
2009/10/14 Blueprint

Items from Michael Kors.  I am not a huge Michael Kors fan but, I just got a peek at his Fall Autumn Leaves items and I'm officially a believer in Michael Kors....and he can stay on that tv show he has now!

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For $1.000, I would snatch up (in this order).....

  • Chronograph Watch, Orange ($195): orange is perfect for fall • the watch has a little more weight to coordinate with bulkier sweaters and jackets • a great color to go with any and all earth tones
  • Astor Patchwork Belt ($68): colors are all autumn/fall • for anyone with a 'military wardrobe', this belt gives color and attitude at once • it works for casual Friday, weekends, and girls night out
  • Lucille Scrunch Boots ($395): perfect fall neutral • heel is high but sturdy so can work for day or evening • fits into this fall's 'tough chic' theme without doing too much
  • Lattington Shoulder Bag ($328): every woman should own a cognac-colored bag because it works year-round • I'm a fan of the shoulder bag in fall and cooler seasons because I can keep my hands in my pockets • this bag has very little hardware but just enough to say 'classy' • at 15H x 10W x 5D, it's the perfect size to carry everything but not too much to give you a backache!

With the leftover $14, I'd suggest a quick run to JCrew for a long sleeve perfect tee...since it can be worn by itself, under a sweater, over a button-down,'s the perfect tee!.