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I Want You to Trust Me…..

I Want You to Trust Me…..
2010/10/21 Maya H.

Really I do!  I started blogging as a way to share my passion, experience and expertise....and it has grown into so much more, but if I remain true to my original purpose, it's all about getting you to believe in me and what I can do for you as an Image Consultant and Personal Stylist.  I was born with a shopping afflication that, over the years, has grown and matured.  It started out as manifestations of my happiest times (graduation, sports team win, job promotion) or demonstrations of my 'blue periods' (missed a deadline, couldn't fit into a pair of pants, lost a friend or beau), however I am happy to share that it has matured into true bliss!

I have a closet (well....closets) full of fabulous items (leather jackets, platform shoes, embellished tops, big and colorful handbags) that represent my true north when I think of my personal style.  My blogging is an opportunity to present items that can help you tap into your true north personal style: I present items I love and tell you why I love them and how I use them; and I share items I don't have but would love to possess for one reason of another.  They may not be something you love or agree with, but they give you a glimpse into why I believe them to be essential (or whimsical).

So, to make our relationship even stronger, I'm going back to the basics.  Yeah - I've got some panache...and yeah, there are fabulous pieces this season and for seasons to come that will knock-your-socks-off.....and yeah, we all want what we cannot have....but I want to show you what a basically fabulous wardrobe can do for you.  My mission to earn your trust is showing you how to take something basic and add your own statement to make it go from neutral to something with endless potential!

Are you ready?!

Our first consideration is the basic tee.  A basic tee is just that, but when paired with fitted leather leggings it becomes downtown edgy, or when paired with a short, layered girly skirt it becomes feminine and soft, or when teamed with a long, full skirt and an oversized belt it transforms into bohemian chic.  Choose broadly (long- and short sleeve, henley, tee with pockets, embellished tees, print tees, etc) and invest wisely because it's the anchor of a great wardrobe and a must-have for any season.  Check out Splendid, Rebecca Beeson, J Crew and C&C California -- they may cost you a little more than the norm, but for how you intend to rock them every-which-way-from-Sunday, it's worth it.