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How to Ready Your Wardrobe for the Weekend

How to Ready Your Wardrobe for the Weekend
2010/09/24 Maya H.

There are some rules to making weekend wear really work for, read again, and act!

  • When in a pinch, stick with a white button-down....but then again, try to add a little flair with a check print  or pinstripes
  • Being on vacation is not an excuse for ignoring style rules
  • Holes/rips in jeans? Yes. In sweaters? No.
  • The shinier or pointier the shoe, the less casual the shoe
  • Bomber jackets = brown. Bikers jackets = black
  • Denim is the universal "yes" so everything that works includes tweed, cotton, sneakers, brogues, loafers and jackets
  • Age adds a bit of patina to everything including white shirts - so keep them new!
  • Velour sweatsuits - no!
  • Watch weekend wear is leather
  • Never tuck in sweaters or turtlenecks; always tuck in shirts that hang below your hip
  • Please refrain from wearing anything that shows your nipples
  • No need for petal pushers or rolled up jeans...unless you're wading in water
  • "BBQ," "Bring the kids," "Come as you are," "BYO" = casual
  • Baseball caps - yes. Fedoras - yes. Trilbys - yes. Berets - no.
  • If you're kinda wide, horitzontal stripes are not your friend
  • Tees and tanks are underwear, not shirts.  Plan accordingly.
  • Feel free to let it all go - as long as pulling it back together, takes less than an hour
  • Fitted is appropriate. Snug is uncomfortable. Tight is wrong.