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Can Animal Print Be Tamed?

Can Animal Print Be Tamed?
2009/07/17 Maya H.

That’s the first question and we suppose the answer has to be “yes” because it’s everywhere!  So the second question is “how?”  Blueprint for Style used its innate style sense and then went on the hunt (LOL!) for some back-up, and here’s what we’ve come up with for the stylish and sophisticated set:

10.  Use it sparingly at one time – too much of anything is a bad thing!

9.  (As an understated type) Animal print for accessories is perfect – and it allows you to use it more sinceanimal print purse accessories can go from outfit to outfit

8.  The ladies have it– BfS hasn’t found occasion beyond the supremely confident yet in-touch-with-their-feminine-side European men who can pull it off!

furstenberg-spotted-frog-dress7.  Ann Taylor has a zebra print dress for $160 – the most recent issue of O Magazine shows how to wear it for different ages.  The one pictured is by one of my faves, Diane von Furstenberg.

6.  There’s zebra, leopard, cheetah, giraffe, etc – don’t mix your animals!

5.  Animal prints are not created equal – zebra has a black base but giraffe typically comes in a black/camel pattern so it’s more versatile

4.  We love it with heels – they make it easy to channel our inner tigressanimal print heels

3.  Let the animals roam free – if you abide by the first two observations then the animals can go form work (in the form of a belt or scarf) to after hours (in the form of heels, #4, or an entire outfit, #7)

2.  Everyone loves animals– animal print can be worn at any age however, the younger, the more fun (and forgiveness) you can have

1.  Don’t be attacked by your animals -- abide by these observations so it doesn’t appear as though you’ve let the animals run wild!.