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ARISE Cape Town Fashion Week: Day 3 Recap

ARISE Cape Town Fashion Week: Day 3 Recap
2009/08/24 Maya H.


The shows Saturday evening started around 6pm and the house was packed- everyone came out to see Gavin Rajah at the BMW Showroom and along with Fabiani, ran away with creations that could appeal to even the most discriminating eye!

Day 3 shows included:

  • Carducci Women: Francois Rall is currently responsible for the collection at Carducci and his focus has been on embodying hte heritage of modern South Africa.  Carducci showed quite a bit of black, denim and lighter colors but, universally, the pieces provided tailoring and fit for a classic yet chic appeal. It was one of my favorite shows!!
  • Gavin Rajah: The collection featured a lot of goth black accented by red, and soft, layered silk chiffon feminine dresses - quite the contrast!!  The venue, the BMW Showroom, was set up to create a retro-classic feel with people tightly packed see some authentic and stellar creations by Gavin!
  • Fabiani: Established in 1978 as a leading menswear retailer, the brand has remained true to high quality and unique detailing.  This year’s collection highlights vibrant colors, luxurious fabrics and refined tailoring for the luxury man!  Based on his runway show, every man would want a suit by Fabiani!!
  • Stefania Morland: Stefania stepped on the scene in 2005 and has become associated with clothes that are timeless but can be worn several different ways which extends any wardrobe.  The clothes were slightly "puritan" yet with a smigde of pizazz

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