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Anja Gockel Show- Decadent Yet Simplistic!

Anja Gockel Show- Decadent Yet Simplistic!
2009/07/02 Maya H.

Anja Gockel was my first Fashion Week runway show and I sat on the front row!!

Anja outdid herself for Spring/Summer 2010.  She made use of five color palettes: beige/gold tones, violet, red, floral (red, yellow, lime green), and black & white; and wove lots of pintucking and ruching into all of the pieces.  The result was fitted pieces that were wonderfully flowing and feminine. Every outfit could be worn by 'everyday' women and even the After-5 attire begged for a size 8/10/12 woman to jump into it!

Anja Gockel_1

Anja Gockel_3

Anja Gockel_6

Anja Gockel_5

Anja Gockel_7.