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An Inflated Pump!

An Inflated Pump!
2010/01/20 Maya H.

When I saw this shoe, I fell in love for lots of reasons (see below) but was quickly dealt a harsh blow when I caught a glimpse of the price!!  But for those in the monochromatic family -- this shoe is absolutely perfect with everything you own!!

  • Color: the black, anthracite, and grey block coloring is blended perfectly and increases its wearability
  • Heel: high enough to be versatile but substantial enough for those who may occasionally falter in the stiletto
  • Material: suede means I can wear it now (on non-rainy days) and well into spring
  • Styling: the vamp and shape are extremely feminine and sexy without purr-ing too loud!
  • Price: $424 ($530 less 20% with THANKS promo code)
  • Available: ShopTheShoeBox