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A Suit That Says Style

A Suit That Says Style
2012/07/10 Better Blueprint

{photo from GQ}

Men's suiting can be a mystery and it shouldn't be (we've all seen the guy above and thought "nice suit but that's not for him")'s the one area where there isn't much grey - either do it right and look right, or you're wrong.

When you're buying a suit:

  1. Prioritize - you want several suits but navy blue is the standard. After that comes charcoal grey. Resist the temptation to get black (it's for undertakers, busboys and hitmen).
  2. Spend wisely - we always want something for less but the right $1100 suit (with a tailor's hand) is better than two $600 suits off the rack.
  3. Material differences - you love the sexiness of the ultra-silky Super180s but they are a nightmare to care for. An all-season mid-weight cloth (read this) goes from sticky summer to subzero winter.
  4. Utility and versatility - with a little care, your basic suits (which will likely get the most wear) - navy, charcoal grey, and a pattern - make up an entire wardrobe...along with a dozen shirts and ties makes for fertile ground.
  5. Fit is it - a perfectly fitted suit allows you to "know" you're all that because of the perfect fit.

How do you know if the suit doesn't fit properly?

  • jacket's shoulder pads are supposed to sit on your shoulder {droop off and dents = too big}
  • jacket's sleeve should never be longer than where the base of the thumb meets the wrist {this is straight from Esquire}
  • a jacket need only accommodate you, not you + some
  • pants are supposed to touch the shoe with only a 1-inch break

{photo from GQ)