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A Perfect Shirt-n-Tie Combination

A Perfect Shirt-n-Tie Combination
2010/01/19 Maya H.

Lately, I've been obsessed with highlighting ideal shirt and tie combinations so, today I continue with a gorgeous duo that says "Yeah I'm classic but I have zest!"

  • Designer: Turnbull & Asser (if it's good enough for the Prince of Wales then why not you?)
  • Style Notes: solid dark knit tie (I favor navy because it's refined and sedate but not austere like black); and a classic checked shirt...what makes it pop is the checked coloring!
  • Price: shirt ($295) and tie ($160)
  • Why? It's very pricey but the main takeaway should be that classic can be done with color, and focus either on contrast of shirt and tie (this instance) or symmetry and hueing