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14 Days of Fall Fashions! Day 7 & Every Man Needs a Dimepiece

14 Days of Fall Fashions! Day 7 & Every Man Needs a Dimepiece
2009/09/01 Maya H.

Every man needs a dimepiece aka a beautiful woman!  LOL - I'm joking; I really mean every man needs a timepiece!  Besides your shoes, a man's watch definitely tells more than just time so, transition into fall with a piece that tells the story of your confidence and success as well as your aspirations for further greatness.  Here are a few watches that can help tell the tale: [nggallery id=12]

  • Tutima Grand Classic, $1,499:  Tutima, whose name comes from the Latin word tutus meaning "safe" , was founded 81 years ago in Glashutte, Germany.  they started out with mechanical watches and continue to do the same.  A common feature of Tutima watches has always been their moderate pricing with the chronograph with bracelet being at the higher end at $3,900
  • Timex T Series Perpetual Calendar, $110: a simple, classic watch with a few contemporary details and a black face to avoid standing out.  A gentleman cannot go wrong with classic understatement!
  • Movado Museum, $995: a minimalist piece from the maker that means "always in motion"; a black genuine lizard strap and Swiss automatic movement finishes it nicely.  This watch sits in the MoMA design wing....imagine that!
  • Patek Philippe, $19,500: not only a classic but an heirloom watch because it's simple, elegant, clean and, yes, they are rare (the movement is handmade)!

Whether you choose to get a dimepiece or timepiece, keep it simple, clean and classic!.