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Yummy Scrub!

Yummy Scrub!
2012/04/12 Better Blueprint

This is the time to start your summer skin preparedness plan {in fact, you may be a few weeks behind}! Beauty & Cosmetics Maven, Shopping Extraordinaire, and Accessory Designer Lynette Lovelace is the creator of Lifetherapy. Life Therapy was in the making for nine years, but it's here and besides working to create yummy skin, it's all about good moods (so says Lynette).

In a week or so, we'll be doing a giveaway on our site of some yummy products ~ nourishing body scrub {my favorite product} and your favorite product!

In the meantime,before we scramble to giveaway product, I wanted you to know about Lynette and her Lifetherapy line because even if you don't win the skin-loving products, you'll still know about a great company and a cool lady. So, let's get to the good stuff:

{B4S} How did you start Lifetherapy? I owned a boutique an restaurant for 19 years in a Chicago suburb.  I have always loved and been drawn to products.  I began the process of Life Therapy about 9 years ago with regard to trade marking.  I see it growing into a full brand of Lifestyle products. I love spreading GOOD MOODS and a little happiness around.

{B4S} What is your best selling item? Right now it’s the Body Wash because it’s new but people are obsessed with the Skin Nourishing Body Scrub.

{B4S} You're all into good moods; is any of it sugar-induced? Nope, I don't use anything like sugar, refined or natural, honey or artificial sweeteners.

{B4S} Besides nothing, what food do you crave most? I'm a pizza girl.

{B4S} This is a blog about style, so what should every woman own? A great pair of worn in Cowboy boots.

{B4S} What is splurge/personal indulgence item? Boots, I love boots!!

{B4S} At Blueprint for Style, we LOVE accessories because they are the "glue" that holds any fabulous outfit together. What is your lust accessory item this fall? What should every person own? Bracelets!!  Any size and color. I especially love our Positivity in Color Silk Wrap Bracelets.  I love how you can build a story around them. I love layering them with bangles and layers of stretch bracelets.

{B4S} If stranded on a deserted island, what is your one fashion must-have? LIP GLOSS

{B4S} Is that what's coming next for Lifetherapy? Hmmm, something that soothes your mood, especially when lit!