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Without Saying A Word, Style GuideBook

Without Saying A Word, Style GuideBook
2014/03/12 Better Blueprint


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Treats & beverages.

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Friends & fans.



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Stylish chatter.


Fashionable & personalized insights.


And me....

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The Graham Georgetown was the perfect place to serve up the "blueprint" cocktail, and share stylish beginnings and chatter for my new style guidebook, "Without Saying A Word: The Silent Power of Style". It was a blast and if you missed it then you missed personalized style tips, some stories between old friends (ask Stacey of Blogalicious), and custom made treats from my good friend and fellow entrepreneur Alexis Streets (do stop by her store's Grand Opening on April 5th). Special thanks to a team of fabulous people who made it an occasion to remember......Wendy of Evolution Consulting Group, Tiffany Lumpkin [MUA extraordinaire], and perfect photos by Weikerken.