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Top 10 Fall 2010 Trends from Paris, London & Milan

Top 10 Fall 2010 Trends from Paris, London & Milan
2010/03/12 Maya H.

[We'll re-visit these later this summer...but for now, just read and absorb!  Provided courtesy of Refinery29.]

  1. Damask & all-over appliqués: reminds me of furniture and old luggage
  2. Electric blue: we already knew blue was hot but this color is super vibrant
  3. 70's suits: will be an excellent balance of masculine and feminine!!
  4. School-teacher skirts: longer, yes! fuller, yes!  will require balance to pull off properly
  5. Digital painting prints: it's "tribal prints" with a digital flair
  6. Lace blouses: reminds me of curtains and doilies but some are very wearable!
  7. Asymmetrical draping: the cinching, ruching and pulling of fabric can be wonderfully forgiving and inventive!
  8. Futuristic: reminiscent of Battle Star Galatica
  9. Paisley: not a fan unless it's monochromatic...but we're warming up to it
  10. Shearling collars: in line with the new hauteness of leather...just make sure it's removable!

Blueprint for Style is overwhelming excited about #3 (70's suits) and #7 (asymmetrical draping) because they have wonderful potential to expand the current wardrobe and bring professional, chic back in play!