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The Charm of Simplicity

The Charm of Simplicity
2010/01/05 Blueprint

  • Nugget necklace in black hematite (also comes in silver and brushed gold)
  • Style Notes: The necklace is hematite plated beads using a black satin cord, and rests just at the breastbone which makes it ideal for most button-down shirts
  • Designer: Sequin which is known for fun and contemporary jewelry that covers a range of occasions
  • Price: $42
  • Or kick it up a notch with 'diamonds and pearls' with this Braided chain also by Sequin
  • Style Notes: a little heavier and can be dressed up a little easier; a silk ribbon holds the glass beads, pearls and silver-plated chains
  • Price: $195

I love both but, am partial to the braided chain because it is more versatile and for the spend, it's a piece you can keep for quite a while to come....