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  • Dec112009

    Absolutely Perfect Holiday Suit Shoes!

    We were absolutely ecstatic when we saw this shoe/boot whip across our computer screen because it's absolutely perfect!  For every…

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  • Oct302009

    Must-Have Scarf

    Men bring in winter with these dull camel or black scarves...why?  I'm not suggesting that they wear pink but, just…

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  • Oct122009

    Feathers for Everyone

    The use of feathers whether as part of a skirt or boots is ripe for ridicule this fall but, if…

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  • Oct012009

    Ted Baker Canvas Carryall

    Men to be on the move is cool, but to do it in style is a calling!  There are lots…

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  • Sep252009

    Ted Baker Shoes

    I've always noted Ted Baker London shoes for their quality construction and reliable sensibility but, this fall collection is FIERCE!  This picture…

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