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  • Dec042012

    Style Tip: Stains

    Whether you acquired it before you left the house or while at lunch, stains create the appearance of messiness and…

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  • Nov212012

    Style Tip: “The Girls”

    You can love them and embrace them but keep them under wraps until you leave the office. In general, showing…

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  • Oct222012

    Style Tip: Hemlines

    Before making any purchase, have a seat...literally! A proper, work-friendly hemline doesn't expose too much thigh when you cross your…

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  • Apr282010

    Morning Quickie

    Slow & steady wins the race: choose 2 investment items per season...(this season: trench coat & statement necklace)

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  • Mar012010

    Winter White Style Tip

    I love winter white, but wearing the hue from head to toe can leave some looking like Ms. Marshmallow Fluff.  Stylists'…

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