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  • Feb242020

    Milan fashion week: takeaway #1

    Takeaway #1 from Milan Fashion Week = leather....everywhere! Find your leather skirt/dress/pants/top and rock it everywhere!

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  • Mar152016

    The Devil Is In The Details

    You wanna be stylish right? You wanna look like your chic isn't overplayed or took too long right? You wanna…

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  • Oct172012

    Street Art as Fashion

    Have you ever been walking down the street, saw some street art (aka vandalism), and thought, "Wow! Cool!" India-based designer,…

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  • Aug212012

    Garden Party or Floral Madness?

    I'm up in the air about this look ~ I'm tired of maxi dresses but I've found myself loving the…

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  • Aug172012

    Oxymoron: Making A Statement in Neutrals

    If I were going to play up the neutral tones of understated elegance, this might be a great play! Carine…

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