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  • May042015

    MANly Monday: Style Quote

    “An unlined wool suit with a fresco weave (which is really open, so when you hold it up to the…

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  • Apr292013
    men's shoe vamps

    Do You Have Shoe Vamps?

    Every male client I have asks "What are shoe vamps?" And then undoubtedly a quizzical look.... The answer: it's the…

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  • Aug172011

    Casual Dress Rules for Men – Part Deux

      We continue our pursuit/mission to help the professional man dress down....right. There are a few rules to live by…

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  • Aug162011

    Casual Clothing for Men – Done Right

    photo courtesy of Esquire One of the most common questions we receive from our gentlemen readers is about casual dress.…

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  • Aug112011

    Could Living the Life of a Rocker Appeal to You?

    If so, you need to acquire these items....skull-n-crossbones and studs should be a way of life. I'd want my man…

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  • Aug042011

    Are You a Traditionalist When It Comes to Dress?

    If so, then everything here is just for you...we love the clean lines, minimalist styling, and easy fashion!

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  • Jun212011

    Where Should My Color Come From?

    Men are creatures of habit (actually, I think we all are...), but integrating color into the pool of navy blue,…

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