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  • Feb152020

    my lust item: sexy heels!

    I love a good heel ~ I mean one that adds that extra umph to your trunk and makes your legs…

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  • May042011

    Super Style Insights from the Midweek STYLE Society

    Midweek STYLE Society is sharing a Mauboussin jewelry giveaway, backstage designer insights from Oscar de la Renta, city-specific stylish stores, colorful…

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  • Feb112011

    2011 Style Trend: Stripes

    Whether they're horitzontal or vertical, stripes are here for the year!  Expect to see them in everything from outerwear to…

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  • Nov122010

    “Elevated” Style

    I recently glanced upon an article by Susan Weissman for Four Seasons Magazine and, along with the photography by David…

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  • Oct202009

    I’m a Plain Jane…Most of the Time

    So the items in my closet typically fall into the category of extraordinary normal items or fabulous regular items.  These…

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