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summer jewelry

summer jewelry
2017/03/30 Better Blueprint

abstract choker necklace_2

With the grey skies and rain, this is about the time of year when I begin to turn my attention to warmer temps, or at least to locations with sunnier weather. And as part of that, I start to think of my accessories first - - - regardless of what clothing I'm acquiring or reusing from last year, a pop of fun jewelry is not color or weight-dependent!

This week I found a beautiful abstract choker necklace at Of A Kind, a website that features up-and-coming designers and shares their stories -- check it out!

I love the necklace for two reasons: there are only 40 of them made (so everyone can't have it!) and it sits perfectly at the neck as a choker but extends to 17-inches which is ideal for right-in-the-v-of-a-buttondown-shirt.

I'm in love...and look for me to rock this as soon as it hits my hot little hands!!

abstract choker necklace_1