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Style Tips for Sunday….it’s Halloween!

Style Tips for Sunday….it’s Halloween!
2010/10/29 Maya H.

I've been trying to ignore it for the entire week to focus solely on my birthday week outings, but it's getting in the way.....this Sunday is Halloween and this year I feel like everyone is all go-go-ga-ga over it!  Let me say it know (just in case I forget....I am having a serious case of jealousy), Happy Halloween.  Oh yeah, it wouldn't be right if we didn't provide a little insight so here's that too:

  • Don't dress your age
  • Halloween is about looking a bit outrageous...and definitely out of the ordinary - just do it!
  • Halloween is not about showing your ass though
  • It's a great time to practice walking in heels....since people won't even know it's you if you trip and fall!
  • Guys don't normally get as geeked - try doing that this year!!
  • Whatever you do, your outfit should not consist of anything from your current wardrobe (if it does, that says a lot....don't you think?!)
  • Get as much candy as possible
  • Watch Charlie Brown's Great Pumpkin Patch....and get in touch with yoru inner child
  • Don't use it as an excuse to not act your age - be your age but just don't dress like it (see #1)
  • Enjoy!