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Stay Classic With Black and White!

Stay Classic With Black and White!
2011/05/25 Maya H.
Is there anything more classic than black and white? We ALL have these colors in our wardrobe, so it's just about how we put it together and the interesting ways we choose to rock it!


Diane von Furstenberg short dress
268 GBP -

Diane von Furstenberg slip dress
429 GBP -

Planet white top
69 GBP -

Diane von Furstenberg cocktail top
416 GBP -

Knit jacket
1.699 DKK -

JETS by Jessika Allen panty bikini
$115 -

TopShop black sandal
$160 -

Dana Davis mid heel shoes
$375 -

Diane von Furstenberg retro bag
655 GBP -

Alexander McQueen sheer shawl
$350 -