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Rules of the Road

Rules of the Road
2012/03/09 Better Blueprint

The winter has been super mild and we've been getting several samplings of spring weather...and it's only March! My takeaway is that we need to get our spring/summer wardrobe in order sooner rather than later. For men, there are a 'few rules of the road' that, if adhered to, will make spring shopping easier and ensure your casual says "luxe" not sloppy.

  1. Fit is it. Even the most casual pants are made instantly more sophisticated when they fit correctly.
  2. Spend on your casuals. Just because it's not for work doesn't mean it can't be nice...or have a tailored aesthetic or polish.
  3. Canvas, out ~ Leather, in. Canvas says casual but leather says sophistication...instantly.
  4. Simple sneakers steal the show. You can get fancy with your footwear and don lots of colors, or you can error on the side of simplicity and add a touch of dressed down class to even the dressiest look.
  5. Worn in is good; worn out is bad. Clothes that are quality wear well over time, so you should feel free to rock you worn in thin-wale cords, but also feel obligated to chuck you ratty, tattered sweatpants that are walking on their own.
  6. Keep your color contained. Color is doses. Try keeping your color to your socks or tie, or even neutral, fitted chinos with a bright sweater. Too much of a good thing is no longer good.
  7. Accessories count. Men's watches and wallets count so invest wisely!
  8. Create a signature look. Buying off-the-rack isn't bad but when it looks like you're scooped your outfit off the mannquin, tha'ts not cool. Peronsalize your style with color, fabulous basics like banded collars, distressed items, elbow patches, colorful socks, or just great grooming (after all, it is the frist thing people see...)
  9. Spend some time shopping. Yes, I said it ~ get into the "right" stores to look around and see what works for you. We recommend Zara, Uniqlo, and Opening Ceremony.
  10. Navy wool blazer. Don't play like 'your lifestyle doesn't demand that you have one.". Do you socialize outside of your house? Do you have occasional cravings to be with a partner or significant other? Do you have aspirations of doing brunch with the in-laws? Do you wish (silently) to climb the corporate ladder? A "yes" to any of these means you need one ~ try Theory {slim-cut} for $525, Shades of Grey {go one size up always} for $160, or J Crew Ludlow {American fit~ more generous} at $325.