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OMG Makeup & Me!

OMG Makeup & Me!
2011/12/08 Better Blueprint

Thanks to L'Oreal for sponsoring my post about my favorite beauty looks, tips and tricks! Check out for beauty advice from the experts.

As a 'gift' to myself when I turned 40 years old, I said I would do a few things including finding a new signature drink (this is still underway...stay tuned!) and discovering the perfect red lipstick that would be my new everyday color (scary yes, but totally doable). As fate would have it, I was selected as an Official Blogger for LeWeb (Europe's largest social media and internet event) and was heading to Paris. Well, I consulted my beauty guru, Julia Coney of All About The Pretty, and she agreed that I'd do better securing my new lipcolor in Paris at Monoprix.....perhaps Rouge Baisir. Since Le Rouge Baisir is so famous (and only found in Paris), take a minute to read all about the history and myth behind the brand and its iconic French artist, Rene Gruau, whose image became the face of Rouge Baisir.

I ended up selecting #405 (L'Authentique Ultra Long Lasting Lipstick) on the far right, but they have a few other fab reds as well. Admittedly, my original intent was to seek out #206 (because Julia told me to), but alas they did not carry it....or not in the four Monoprix stores that I tried, so I was left to fend for myself. I am proud of my purchase and will test it out tonight at my LeWeb party at The Louvre! If I really love it, I'm grabbing a few more because you know how you find something you love and then can never find it again....? Next up is my L'Oreal red because I've managed to coordinate with the L'Oreal Paris team for some in-person time!

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