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Ode to Mahogany – Diana Ross is Queen

Ode to Mahogany – Diana Ross is Queen
2015/05/07 Better Blueprint

{Diana Ross}

Check Elle for their piece, "Why Diana Ross Reigns Supreme" [Elle, p.186] for more mahogany style insights...

But Diana Ernestine Earle Ross is one of my favorite style icons because

  1. Her glow was natural - she didn't present a "game face" with all of the makeup, bells and whistles; she kept it looking naturally fabulous
  2. Her smile was on 1000 always - showing your pearly whites accounts for why people like you
  3. Her fashion was personal & timeless - we continue to imitate her style today from that sleek jeans & tee she rocked to her signature boa.

{Diana Ross}

Curtsy/bow to Diana Ross, style icon and influencer!


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