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New York Fashion Week: Tory Burch

New York Fashion Week: Tory Burch
2012/02/18 Better Blueprint

Tory Burch's runway theme could have been aptly titled, "The Walk of Shame" kinda...."a prim and proper girl who falls for the wrong guy—in a hotel no less."

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Style Notes: it was very Tory Burch with models rocking gloves and very ladylike chic purses; they were more buttoned up than not; the colors were fairly low key with creams and blues with hints of aubergine and earthiness; and the hemlines that hit just below the knee created thoughts of the 50s

Runway to Walkway: Her entire collection is walkway chic if not a bit overly ladylike ~ don't look for lots of zest except with the handbags that received bit of embellishment with luxe trims and straps.

Overall: liked it and very Tory Burch, but wasn't in love with it. 6.5/10