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Men’s Item of the Week

Men’s Item of the Week
2009/09/23 Maya H.

Gant cargo pant

I'm on the hunt for the perfect cargo pant and have yet to turn it up....for the ladies but I have found it for the gentlemen!  Remember when cargo pants used to be cool -- and somehow they turned into a Saturday remnant to be worn if you didn't have any clean jeans or to help your friend move?  Well no more!

The Gant cargo pant is the answer to the perfect date pant, fall weekend travel pant, and I'm heading out to relax and watch the game at something other than a sports bar.  The cut is generous, the tweed gives it a more sophisticated feel, and the big 'cargo' pockets are intact but not nearly as baggy -- it's a grown up pair of pants!  The only downside is that you'll need to head to the brand new Gant flagship store (645 Fifth Avenue New York, NY 10022, 212.813.9170) to get these fancy duds..