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It’s Finally Friday’s Fashionable Yet Quirky Questionnaire

It’s Finally Friday’s Fashionable Yet Quirky Questionnaire
2011/01/28 Maya H.

Well, we're back....after a bit of a hiatus, we've got a straight-laced fella who likes is hot, but chooses to outfit himself onthe zestier with Zegna, colors and argyle.  A young, oxymoronic, committed finance consultant who believes in sushi and meat, and techno savvy.  Read on and make your own call....

  • Occupation: Finance Consultant
  • Age: 28
  • City/State of Birth: Cincinnati, Ohio
  • Current City/State of Residence: Washington, DC
  • Status: Partnered (LTR)
    1. Shoes or Sneakers? Shoes
    2. Lace-ups or Slip-ons? Lace-ups
    3. Blazer or Sportcoat? Sportcoat
    4. Cashmere or Merino Wool? Cashmere
    5. Baseball cap or Fedora? Cap
    6. Spring or Autumn? Spring
    7. John Varvatos or Ermengildo Zegna? Ermengildo Zegna
    8. Halle Berry or Selma Hayek? Halle Berry
    9. Black or Navy blue? Black
    10. Sweatsuit or Tailored suit? Tailored suit
    11. Tie or Bowtie? Tie
    12. Pinstripe or Tweed? Pinstripe
    13. Snow or Sweltering sun? Sweltering sun
    14. Sports or car shows? Sports
    15. Colors or Neutrals? Colors
    16. Rider or Push-mower? Lawn boy... But a riding mower if I had to do it myself
    17. "Watch" or "Be at" the game? "Be at"
    18. Argyle or Stripes? Argyle
    19. Trenchcoat or Wool coat? Wool coat
    20. Pick-up or Delivery? Delivery
    21. Flat-front or Pleated pants? Flat front
    22. 4x4 or Sports car? 4x4
    23. Off-the-rack or Tailored? Tailored
    24. Nikes or Adidas? Adidas
    25. Ascot or Pocket Square? Pocket Square
    26. Action or Comedy? Comedy
    27. Buttondown or T-shirt? T-shirt
    28. Beer or Wine? Wine
    29. Starwood or Marriott? Starwood
    30. Toolbox or Repairman? Toolbox
    31. iPhone or Blackberry? iPhone
    32. Cigar or Pipe? Neither
    33. Notch or Peak lapel? Notch
    34. Relationships: Joint accounts or Separate? Separate
    35. Clean shaven or facial hair? Clean shaven
    36. Tuxedo or Black suit? Tuxedo
    37. Sportscenter or Best Damn Sports Show? Sportscenter
    38. Nuts or Pretzels? Nuts
    39. Swim trunks or Speedos? Speedos
    40. First date: Over or Under $100? Over 100
    41.  Big dog or lapdog? Big dog
    42.  Hotmail or Gmail? Gmail
    43.  Gold or Silver? Silver
    44. Stairs or elevator? Stairs
    45. Black or Cognac-colored shoes? Black
    46. Harley or Honda motorcycle? Honda
    47. Details or GQ? Details
    48. Laptop or iPad? iPad
    49. Sushi or Steak? Sushi
    50. Lace-ups or Loafers? Loafers
    51. Top of the line bargain brand or Entry-level high-end designer? Top of line bargain brand
    52. New York or Los Angeles? New York
    53. Pandora or Personal playlist? Personal Playist
    54. Meat or Vegetables? Meat
    55. Cash or credit? Credit
    56. Jazz or Blues? Jazz
    57. Wallet or Money clip? Wallet 
    58. Manicure or Pedicure? Manicure
    59. Pets or People? People
    60. Ultimate investment item? Home