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What I’m Reading Wednesday

What I’m Reading Wednesday
2014/07/16 Better Blueprint

stack of fab booksSometimes I think I read a lot and other times, I'm certain I'm lacking (see my stack of magazines in my creative space).

Perhaps as a way to force myself to read more, I'm kicking off "What I'm Reading Wednesday"...thinking there may be a few you'd find interesting.


  • Charlie and the Chocolate Factory by Roald Dahl (Amazon) - reading it for my book club
  • A World Cup Victory for Louis Vuitton (New York Times)
  • Tall Girls, Rejoice:  TTYA Designs for The Height of Fashion (
  • Surprise! People Are Actually Spending More Money on Fewer Goods (Fashionista)
  • Fear and Clothing: How Fashion's Critical Have Changed Along With The Hemlines (National Post)