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How-to Winterize Your Leather Shoes

How-to Winterize Your Leather Shoes
2012/05/18 Better Blueprint

Why you ask? Because winter is gone and before you put up your shoes for next year, prepare them for a long summer's rest in four easy steps:

  • ensure leather-soled shoes have been well-oiled to resist seepage
  • spray. it's doesn't discolor but it requires multiple applications and will eventually lead to some cracking of the leather (if the spray has silicone)
  • polish. get a water-repelling cream
  • wax. note however that beeswax darkens the leather and can take some time (but it works awesome)!
  • oil. here again, the Cadillac of oils is mink oil and in spite of long lasting effects, has actually been shown to damage the leather

Sound like a lot? Then, at a minimum, clean with mild soap and water, and two layers of spray (allow for drying in between)

Most important? know your material, suede = sprays, leathers you don't want to darken = light creams, smoother leathers = beeswax, and work boots = mink oil.