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holiday tipping guide

holiday tipping guide
2017/11/22 Better Blueprint

Here is a quick n' dirty listing of how much to give who because spreading love and holiday cheer is always stylish!:

  • Nanny ~ one to two weeks’ pay is the norm
  • Dog walker ~ a weeks’ pay…or a gift card if they just ‘do their job’ without any awesomeness
  • Grocery bagger ~ $2 and a smile
  • Gift wrapper ~ $1 per present wrapped
  • Personal assistant/secretary ~ a 2018 planner + [if they're dynamite/irreplaceable], a weeks' worth of net pay is a good thank you
  • Babysitter (a couple times/week) ~ one to two nights’ pay
  • Mail carrier ~ they can’t take cash so a small gift like mittens or chocolates
  • Hairdresser/barber ~ beyond the normal 20% tip, $25-$50
  • Delivery people ~ beyond the normal tip, a $5 gift card to somewhere
  • Manicurist/nail tech ~ tip the cost of one visit
  • Baggage handler ~ beyond the norm $2/bag, an extra $5-$10 in total
  • Doorman/building super ~ $40 - $100 (depending on how fab they are)

When in doubt, keep plenty of $1s during the holiday season because it’s the season of giving {FYI ~ I keep a stack of $5 gift cards for Starbucks, Amazon & Target during the season} and ANYONE that goes above-and-beyond deserves at least $2-$3 + a smile and “happy holidays”!

And then it's wise to remember that what you give out, you get back...somewhere, somehow ~ pay it forward....