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Doing Prints Right

Doing Prints Right
2012/06/21 Better Blueprint

"Fashion" dictates that anything can be right....but know this, if you show up to an event wearing a yellow floral print top with an orange plaid scarf and a purple striped shoe, you may get the side eye. That said, lots of folks shy away from prints because they think they can't do it.....just try. The one insight to share that can make it easier: if you are doing a print, you can play it down a bit (and simultaneously up for you comfort level) by opting for simple accessories.

Style notes: this print dress is cut slim and the tricky part about strapless dresses is how to get the bust to fit right along with the body; if you're experimenting with prints and want to step lightly, opt for a print that has a more neutral background (i.e., this one is yellow but look for white or camel) to instantly tone down the print; keep your print dress at or just above the knee (the more real estate you cover with the print, the more you'll look like a flower patch)

Go forth and conquer the print!

Shopping List: Vince Camuto strapless floral dress {$128); Kain sapphire pump {$89}

Vince Camuto {strapless floral dress, $128; Kain pump, $89}