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Dear Blueprint…Need Help! Need Dressy Casual Heels that Work Now & into Fall

Dear Blueprint…Need Help! Need Dressy Casual Heels that Work Now & into Fall
2009/08/28 Maya H.

Mystery: I have 3 weddings to do across two days so, I need a nice, classy pump or heel that I can wear at an afternoon outdoor wedding, evening wedding, and indoor and slightly dressier wedding; plus one pair is better than three. I can't spend a a matter of fact, my budget is $200 and that's pushing it! Can you help?

Solved: Dear "?" the right answer is an open-toe, flesh/neutral-colored or subdued metallic heel (preferably 3-inch minimum).  The height is what you'll need to pull off a dressier occasion in style, or if you must do a lower pump then aim for a skinny heel to keep it looking light.  The color will allow you to wear it during the day outside with a nice halter floral print or inside with a color-blocked strapless dress with a neutral coloring!  the open toe will keep it looking lighter on your leg and a little more dressy.  My suggestions would be:

  • Badgley Mischka's at heels, $215 (a little more than you wanted to spend).  Badgley Mischka_$215The shoes have a terrific heel, color, and cut; plus the bow on the peep toe adds a little pizazz just in case you want to keep your dress plan
  • Babi $48Babi "ganzi" slingback at yesstyle, $48.  They're slingbacks, the leather has a little shine to it which increases its versatility, and the flirty ruffling on the toe is a nice extra
  • BCBG "Mirna" at piperlime, $198.  The slightly tarnished coloring tones down the metallic and makes it perfect for moving from daytime into evening without losing a step

BCBG Mirna $198

Good luck....and you may want to get some shoe cushions as well given you'll be covering a lot of ground doing three weddings!.