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“Dear Blueprint….Need Help”

“Dear Blueprint….Need Help”
2009/10/30 Maya H.

halloween 3Mystery: Summer's over and I have lots of shoes that have the toe out.  When I click on certain sites, these are listed as "sandals"....I'm confused!  Can I wear toe-out shoes into fall and winter, or am I breaking some fashion rule?!

Solved: Ask (and answer) these three questions...(1) Do I get cold easily?, (2) What is the occasion, and (3) What is my mode of transportation?  The easy answer is that you are not breaking any fashion rules by wearing toe-out or peep-toes shoes into fall but, the discerning stylista in you should understand that if you're in the dead of winter with 2 feet of snow and you're on public transportation, peep-toes may lead to little blocks of ice!  If you're in a car, will have toasty toes and you're not one to get cold (we lose most of our body heat from our head and feet), then you're fine.  Lastly consider the occasion/venue -- for formal affairs, it's completely acceptable as several of the more dressy shoes come in a peep-toe style but, again, perhaps at a club or to work, you can forego the show-off pedicure shoe for something more classic.  Style should be authentic but realistic for our lifestyle!.