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Cute, Stylish Notes

Cute, Stylish Notes
2011/02/22 Maya H.

Style Journal

I am a slave to technology and although I'm not a pioneer, I do claim to know what's hip and hot, and what's not.  That said, I'm a little old school too because I love paper.....there is something wonderfully chic and all-encompassing about paper; it's tactile.  So, today I am sharing a couple of great finds I've uncovered across the last few days that should allow you to tap into your inner-style and pen it for the world to see or perhaps just for your own eyes.  Enjoy! 

  • All of Albers Girls Notebook

    Lanvin All of Albers Girls Notebook ($40.25): 8.5 x 6 in white notebook with plain pages and colorful Lanvin designs on the cover; a black elasticized strap to keep everything secret....

  • Moleskine Style Journal ($19.95): 8.25 x 5 in notebook embossed with stylish details; it has 6 themed sections to fill in and 6 tabbed scetions to personalize along with a mini arsenal of labels, templates, lists, reference/size guides and symbols