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Channeling My Inner Hef

Channeling My Inner Hef
2012/11/27 Better Blueprint

Smoking slippers.
They've become quite the rage in spite of Hugh Hefner rocking them for years.
I succumb and purchased a medium blue velvet pair from ideeli.
My life did not change. Nor was my closet or image miraculously transformed.
However, I find them to be a weird, if not, comforting mix between a house slipper, a flat/loafer, and a sneaker. Isn't there a mythical three-headed beast that slays men?!

Here's what I can share about the smoking slippers:

  1. They immediately convey a sense of cool and you feel like you've got an inheritance waiting for you somewhere
  2. With the long vamp, they make your feet look kinda long
  3. It's better to get something zesty with a print or embellishment (than the simple blue ones I got)
  4. They will make your jeans look better....sort of
  5. When you wear them, everyone will ask where you got them