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Beat Ole Man Winter & Stay Warm

Beat Ole Man Winter & Stay Warm
2010/12/15 Maya H.

Fellas - surviving winter in style can be difficult albiet not impossible.  Here are our top tips for making it through the brutal winter tundra in dapper form:

  • Opt for relaxed fit pants/jeans instead of skinny; they allow you to wear long johns underneath for warmth without bulk [thanks Tristian!]
  • Invest in a pair of dark-colored, silk long johns -- there are few things worse than sitting down to the table and everyone gets to check out your white cotton skivvies!
  • Layer. Use silk long johns, v-neck tees (no one should see your undies), cashmere tees and sweaters, and blazers and jean jackets under your wool coat to create warmth not heft.

You should be focusing on keeping your lady warm, not trying to stay bundled up while she chatters away!