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Be Cool & Stay Warm

Be Cool & Stay Warm
2009/11/23 Blueprint

V neck sweaterThe look for fall/winter and, might we add, in general is trending toward a slightly leaner and slim silhouette for guys...and you'll see this in the new selection of thin ties, slim-fit shirts, and narrower cut suits.  But, as winter approaches, you need to ensure you are contemporary, stylish, warm but cool -- and a v-neck sweater will get you there!Vneck argyle

Every designer and store has one so, there's no mystery when it comes to locating one but do opt for merino wool instead of cashmere because it's a littel lighter then cashmere and definitely less expensive.  The Gap has men's v-neck merino sweaters for $50 - nuff' said!  You can now take your classic suit and solid shirt, and add just a touch of life with a neutral sweater (e.g., medium grey with a dark pinstripe) during the week; or an argyle print with a lighter suit for Fridays!

Remember: (1) merino wool will be lighter; (2) go with a slightly tighter fit if you're wearing it under a suit; and (3) it can go from work to weekend simply by chucking the suit jacket (just like Superman only no phone booths please)! Now you're set to be stylish and warm but stay cool!