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A Pre-Fall Peek At Designer Derek Lam

A Pre-Fall Peek At Designer Derek Lam
2012/07/26 Better Blueprint

Derek Lam will be bringing 'sexy back' to classic menswear with ladylike interpretations of the classic styling. I'm excited because that means the pieces have a greater likelihood of being timeless (& thus worth investing in).

Derek takes care to focus on the feminine psyche when designing his pieces and it comes through most of the time ~ this collection looks like he took texture, color and print a little more seriously. Don't look for edgy or new wave; this is a love affair with the old school woman with a nod to the gents.

My favorite piece is the Tuxedo Trousers in rich, vibrant red ochre ~ albeit not in my budget right now.

Shopbop is showing Lam's Pre-Fall 2012 here and I think you'll really enjoy it!

{Derek Lam Pre-Fall 2012}