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6 Things We Want to Share This Week

6 Things We Want to Share This Week
2011/06/18 Maya H.
  1. Full Figured Fashion Week—celebrating women size 12 and up who love their curves—is going on this weekend in New York City.
  2. Want The Best Swimsuit Advice You Will Ever Receive?  Read this interview from top swimsuit designers!

    Marysia Swim, Forbes Images

  3. The latest in hair fashion is being bought up from fly-fishing around the country—feather hair extensions.  Like the one's worn by Steve Tyler on American Idol, these super cool and colorful saddle feathers are in high demand.
  4. On Monday night, Anna Wintour won the “People’s Voice” award for fashion for and made a brilliantly simple speech at the 15th Annual Webby Awards in New York. Watch it here.
  5. The Social Shopper from is giving us How to Mix Prints with inspiration from Stella McCartney's resort wear.  Should we email her our How-to Mix 'n Match Prints & Patterns post?
  6. Awesome picture here!  Click to see this beautiful bikini creation from Sao Paolo Fashion Week.