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14 Days of Fall Fashions! Day 10 & The Perfect “Catch All Saturday Bag”

14 Days of Fall Fashions! Day 10 & The Perfect “Catch All Saturday Bag”
2009/09/04 Maya H.

Anyone who knows me, knows that my favorite shopping line when I see something I like, must have, and don't really need is "Oh it's perfect for Saturday.  I can definitely rock this as a Saturday bag/shoe/boot/shirt/etc!"  So in honor of my shoppers-anonymous true calling and because in fall, Saturdays are just about the most perfect day created (and yes, because every style rag would consider if gauche if I didn't have it), today's fall fashion must have is the perfect Saturday bag!

The perfect Saturday bag can come in a host of colors, fabrics, patterns, cuts and sizes but, the basic tenets of the "Saturday bag" are.....

  1. It should be fairly sizeable to carry your puchased bits and bots
  2. It can be made from a cool cloth or some type of leather
  3. The bag is not meant to worn focus on Saturday!
  4. Aim for something funkier than your norm....slightly outside of your comfort zone
  5. It must have enough room to hide the purchase you made...but weren't supposed to

I love these options!! [nggallery id=16]

  • diva dream leather tote bag, $479: a totally scrumptious find!  it's a limited edition, has a detachable shoulder strap, it made of a patterned fabric thus increasing its life expectancy, and colors are divine (also in a darker brown hue and lighter green/moss color)
  • lauren leather tote, $269: it comes in beautiful violet and vanilla colors; i love that the gunmetal hardware and interlocking shoulder strap design of the same material
  • east west croc tote, $265: animal prints and the likes are roaring back into fashion (LOL!); and this one comes in green, purple, grey, red, brown, blue, and black!!!!
  • ashton leather tote, $222: this is a more traditional tote in that in cannot be carried over the shoulder but the fact that it comes in grey, black, ivory, mint and yellow (perfect for fall) makes it worth a second look!

Get out there!  If you find another one, please share!!  By the way - I no longer have to use the excuse "It's a saturday bag!""'s all fair game!.