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  • Lanvin Travelling

    Comprised of leopard print silk slippers and a do-not-disturb-me eye mask and pouch, this new Lanvin on-the-go travel essential is ideal for long, tiring flights or car rides.  Coming from a well-traveled pro, the secret to happy travels comes down to…

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  • On the Move…Stylishly

    Blueprint for Style is traveling today; headed to Chicago for Ebony Magazine's roundtable discussion on the real issues in public schools. Since I'm traveling, I'm providing a few stylish travel tips as well!!

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  • Traveling in Style: Bags

    The cool part about writing this segment on traveling in style is that it's less about the clothes you wear when you get where you're going, and more about how to look good getting there!  Yesterday…

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  • Traveling in Style: Shoes

    Question: How can I look fashion moving through the airport?  Quiet as kept, flip flops are not only not comfortable but, they make it difficult to run in if necessary.  And high heels are my life…

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  • Next Week: We’re Getting Ready to Travel!

    All next week, we're dedicated to getting everyone ready to 'hit the road' in style.  Get ready - we're gonna be in motion next week... Send all of your questions before Monday so we can try…

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  • Keep Me “Essentials” Set

    Imagine coming home after a night-on-the-town and then segueing into something just as stylish only more comfortable.... Fashion-forward line, Keep Me, has created this essential set with their most coveted items: the Kate lounge pant, Dori tee,…

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